Black Tick Fabric

Color: White
MADE TO ORDER - ships in 4 weeks

We offer our Black Tick fabric by the yard so that you may use it to make your own custom pieces. All of our fabrics are double wide; 100" - 130" wide on the roll depending on the fabric. After washing, the width of our Black Tick fabric is 105"; a one yard piece is 110"W x 36"L.

Due to garment-dyeing limitations, the longest contiuous piece of fabric we are able to dye is 3 yards or 108" long. The longest possible piece of Black Tick fabric is 105" W x 108" L.

You may order as many yards as you need. If you are ordering more than 3 yards of fabric, please specify on your order, how long you would like each piece to be.

  • 100% Cotton
  • Garment-washed and dyed using non-toxic dyes
  • Twill Weave

    Woven with thick 100% cotton yarns in a twill weave, our tick fabric was inspired by vintage mattress ticking. Historically, this fabric was used as the casing for mattresses due to its durability and strength. We have worked with our mills to create a soft yet durable modern version of this classic stripe. 

    The black stripes are woven into the fabric using vat-dyed yarns and a specially prepared warp. We use the back side of the fabric to create a more subtle striping effect. When over-dyed and garment-washed the resulting color combinations create wonderful contrast that is great on decorative pillows to brighten any home.


    Wash should be separated into light & dark colors. Do not overload machine as this will damage long cotton fibers. We recommend a lukewarm wash cycle with a gentle detergent & a cool rinse.

    Bleach may be used on white cotton bed linens only. Avoid using products that contain whitening agents such as chlorine bleach, alpha hydroxy acids and benzoyl peroxide on garment-dyed items. The reactive dyes used for garment-dyeing are not resistant to these whitening agents.

    Learn more about Garment-Dyeing.


    Tumble dry with low heat. Remove bed linens promptly from the machine to reduce wrinkling. For best results, line dry.


    We at MATTEO tend to prefer a lived-in look, as such, you don't find us ironing our sheets too frequently. If you prefer a crisp looking bed, our cotton bed linens should be pressed while slightly damp using the Lightweight Cotton or Medium setting.

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