Product Development Coordinator

  • Collaborate with our Director of Product Development
  • Work on new collections, including sourcing, design, and specifications
  • Devise new processes, or refine exiting ones, to optimize our operations
  • Works in conjunction with product development, marketing, and sales department to ensure timely delivery of new textile collections
  • Performs other duties as assigned
  • Bi-Lingual (English :: Spanish) preferred but not required
  • Excellent Computer skilss, especially PHOTOSHOP, ILLUSTRATOR. Excel is not required but preferred
  • Willingness to work hands-on with a bi-lingual team
  • Strong organization and attention to details
  • Prior related-Industry experience required, especially sewn-product construction and textile design
  • Prior dyeing and garment-dyeing experience is also extremely helpful
  • $20 to $25 per hour (non-exempt), depending on experience
  • Quarterly Performance Bonus
  • 1-Week Paid Vacation
  • Annual Performance Review

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About Us

MATTEO LLC was founded in 1996 to create simple sheets from the world’s very best home textiles.  MATTEO’s philosophy is deeply rooted in the desire to awaken the spirit of American manufacturing by fashioning sewn textiles made in United States. Our company culture is focused on innovative and creative designs.

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