Founded by Matthew Lenoci in 1996, MATTEO began with a simple idea - to awaken the spirit of American manufacturing by fashioning sewn textiles.

This simple idea has evolved into a community of fifty craftspeople in Los Angeles, many partners worldwide, and a collection with over 30 core fabrics and 6,000 unique products.

We work hard, sometimes for years, to develop innovative fabrics with leading fabric mills from all around the world where the collective wisdom of centuries is combined with cutting-edge technology.

We bring these fabrics to our workshop in Los Angeles where our craftspeople work tirelessly to transform them into functional works of art.

Our goal is to make as many different products, in as many sizes, in as many colors as possible in each of these fabrics.

For over twenty years now, we have never lost sight of our core, which is ourManufacturing. We have always done it right here in Los Angeles, and we will continue to do so. All of our craftspeople are a part of our community. This is why we continue to manufacture here.

We have often been asked, “can you run your machines faster?” The answer is that we probably could, but we proudly do not.

Because we believe in quality over the quantity we chose to sew slower with more stitches per inch and we choose to hand inspect every single sheet we produce. This is our way of assuring that all of our products are of the highest quality.

We have a storied tradition of manufacturing in this country, and we at Matteo are pleased to be a part of its resurgence.

We believe in quality craftsmanship.
We believe in hard work.
Most of all, we believe in our workers.