MATTEO has been designing and manufacturing in Los Angeles since our founding in 1996. Next year will be our 25th Anniversary. We like to say we are cut from a different cloth. We make each order individually right here in our Boyle Heights factory. We are deeply committed to creating jobs and building community.  

If you have a passion for our brand and our mission, we would love to hear from you. We are looking for hands-on leaders to take MATTEO to new heights.






The Design Department at MATTEO is looking for a creative candidate with a fundamental background in design yet is in the process of refining their skill sets and establishing their point of view. This Candidate is someone who wants to develop themselves laterally across different facets of the design process–working with color, texture, print. This Candidate wants to nurture a concept and see it to fruition.

As a company, MATTEO is constantly learning and improving, never passive, and always enthusiastic when it comes to the art of creating a product. This Candidate will look at the 25-year history of MATTEO to help find its future.

Essential Duties & Responsibilities

  • The Design Assistant will "own" the design boards. Any changes, evolutions or iterations will be kept updated by the Design Assistant. They will ensure that the information on the boards is tidy and relevant.
  • The Design Assistant will help explore print concepts through hand-sketch or Adobe Illustrator. They will work on color and scale iterations to present to the Design Manager for feedback and critique.
  • The Design Assistant will study the homewares category to learn what people want, not just what other brands are offering. They will also pull references from other textile driven industries-if relevant-to underscore a concept.
  • The Design Assistant will help organize and track sample developments, communicating from time to time with vendors to either receive updates or provide instruction.
  • The Design Assistant will assist the Marketing team in organizing or gathering samples for photoshoots, if requested.
  • The Design Assistant will be available to assist in other departments during peak capacity times, or as instructed.



  • Strong proficiency in Adobe Creative Suite.
  • Familiarity or proficiency in Microsoft Office.
  • BFA in a relevant field or equivalent portfolio experience preferred.
  • Fundamental understanding of sewing operations, textiles, dye process and vernacular.
  • Keen understanding of priorities and ability to reprioritize as needed.
  • Extreme attention to detail and maintaining accuracy.
  • Strong organizational mindset.


Our design headquarters and manufacturing facility is located in the Boyle Heights neighborhood, just over the bridge from downtown Los Angeles.


1000 E Cesar E. Chavez Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90033